Tariff Talks: U.S. Senate candidates weigh in on potential impact in Indiana

Tariff Talks: U.S. Senate candidates weigh in on potential impact in Indiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — the fate of the farm industry in the Hoosier State could be at the center of this year’s midterm elections.

Although President Donald Trump and the White House insist they are not entering a trade war with China, Thursday the president ratcheted up his proposed tariffs on the country by $100 billion.

China is reportedly looking to respond again after already planning to impose $50 billion in tariffs on 106 U.S. items like soybeans, corn products among other things.

The Republican candidates in Indiana’s U.S Senate race say they are keeping an eye on these tariff talks happening in Washington.

“Right now it’s all based on emotion, we don’t have the data so if it’s really an unreasonable, unequitable mistreatment to another sector, I think we should look at that and see if there is another approach,” said candidate Todd Rokita.

Quite a few farmers expressed concerns as those tariffs appear to be targeting agricultural goods.

But candidate Mike Braun is hopeful this community won’t feel the brunt of the impact.

“We’re lucky that our farming community is so resourceful, they’re low cost-producers,” said Braun. “I think and I hope they will find other markets and I hope it stays there.”

Candidate Luke Messer agrees.

He says the proposed tariffs by the Trump administration is necessary but would like to proceed with caution.

“The details here do matter and we need to make sure and implement these policies in a way where we don’t hurt Indiana manufacturing and we look out for Indiana agriculture,” he said.

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