Mike Elko named Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator


Mike Elko is officially Notre Dame's Defensive Coordinator.

Notre Dame announced Tuesday the hiring of the former Wake Forest Defensive Coordinator, a role he served for the past three years. Elko takes the place of Greg Hudson, who helped stabilize the Irish defense after Brian VanGorder was fired after the fourth game of the season.

"Mike has consistently coordinated defenses that keep the points down, negate big plays, create negative plays, excel in the red zone and, quite simply, force opposing offensives to execute at an extremely high level to move the football,” Head Coach Brian Kelly said. “This rare combination of consistent success in those facets of defense, along with a proven ability to develop talent and fit it into his system, really places Mike in a class by himself among defensive coordinators across the country.

“As importantly, Mike’s commitment to helping young men reach their full potential in the classroom and in the community make him a perfect fit for Notre Dame.”

Elko's defenses have had plenty of success despite a lack of recruiting star talent at Bowling Green and Wake Forest. The 39 year old has coached and develop many players who would eventually go on to the NFL, such as Kevin Johnson of the Houston Texans.

Elko will take over an Irish defense that remains fairly young, but with plenty of potential.

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