Local birthday parades raising social distancing concerns

NOW: Local birthday parades raising social distancing concerns

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- A birthday parade in Mishawaka over the weekend is raising concerns on whether social distancing guidelines were properly followed.

Pictures shared on social media of the birthday parade show dozens of people gathering outside of their vehicles in a large group, with Mishawaka police not far behind.

“It’s a great thing to do first of all it’s awesome to see the child’s smile from ear to ear because of this really neat thing that we do but we have to be really careful especially with the guidelines set forth by the governor on social distancing we have to make sure we follow that,” Lt. Tim Williams with the Mishawaka Police department said.

Police did not break up the large groups Saturday but Williams says that officers can and will enforce social distancing guidelines in the future.

“We are going to try and make sure that they follow the social distancing guidelines and try and disperse as quickly as possible,” Williams said.

In the meantime if you’re planning a birthday parade for a loved one, police suggest people stay inside their cars and maintain a safe distance.

“Stay in your cars, wave, if you want to hang signs on the sides of your vehicle wishing them a happy birthday that’s fine but let’s stay in our motor vehicles and keep that safe distance.”

Mishawaka Police is also happy to participate in birthday parades as long as they have the proper staffing and time to do so.

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