Mishawaka Education Foundation to receive donation

NOW: Mishawaka Education Foundation to receive donation



The Mishawaka Education Foundation will receive a check of $5,000 Tuesday along with Portillo's grand opening. That money will go towards grants to improve education in the community. 

The education foundation hosted a fundraiser at the restaurant's soft opening and raised more than $8,000. Now the total of $13,000 will go back to schools. 

Jane Wright, the executive director of the Mishawaka Education Foundation's board of directors, says she didn't expect to raise that much money, but is excited to put that money towards classroom grants and academic competitions. 

"That would be everything from robotics to our students going to competitions and spell bowl, science olympics, legos," said Wright. "We're excited because this will give our students an opportunity to be out there and show what they can do."

Mishawaka Education Foundation gives about $250,000 back to the schools every year. 

Wright also encourages the public to check out the wishlist and consider donating. That is a list of requests from teachers across the district to aid them in their classrooms. That list can be found here. 

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