Mishawaka family fears effects of moldy house

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- A Mishawaka family says their home on East 4th Street is in bad shape. They say they have been living with black mold and even raw sewage in their home for months now, but their landlord is refusing to step in and help.

“It’s really frustrating. We all try to stay gone as much as possible because of the mold. You walk in and you can smell it right away,” Jenny Turner said.


After draining stagnant water from their basement floor, they say they were left with what they think is black mold and raw sewage from a leaking toilet.

They say it has gone from bad to worse - it is spreading to the first floor of their home.


“The house is pretty unbearable. The smell is horrible - you get nauseous. I get headaches pretty frequently,” said Cory Southwood .


After multiple calls to their landlord, they say no one has helped rid them of this potential health hazard.

“We have people with asthma and their asthma has been flaring up really bad, and we’ve had people just get headaches left and right. Dizzy, nausea and vomiting,” Turner said.


And they say they fear the unknown effects of living with this smelly problem.


“Especially when you’ve got a 14-month old daughter and a girlfriend which I don’t know what kind of health issues she might even have that she doesn’t know about. Getting sick out of nowhere, almost calling the ambulance, going to the hospital,” Southwood said.


ABC 57 did reach out to their landlord Thursday but have not yet heard back.

We are also digging deeper to find out more about the history of the home on East 4th Street.


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