Misleading flier tells homeowners their home will be demolished

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The city of South Bend says a scammer is trying to take advantage of homeowners in struggling neighborhoods. The scammer is trying to scare homeowners into believing their home is going to be demolished so they will sell their home for pennies on the dollar.

The scammer is distributing a flier that is a warning to homeowners that their house is going to be demolished and it will cost them $8,700.

South Bend's Code Enforcement says the flier didn't come from them and isn't true.

They say only 200 of the 1177 homes listed as vacant or abandoned are slated for demolition.

The cost of demolition varies on a case by case basis.

Those homeowners whose homes are on the list to be demolished will be notified with more than just a flier.

"Homeowners would know well in advance of any demolition activity on their property. We reach out to owners via certified mail as well as via publication," said Shubhada Kambli of South Bend Code Enforcement.


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