Multiple school districts remain open Wednesday despite snow

Wednesday, class was in session for Mishawaka schools, Penn-Harris-Madison, Elkhart and South Bend Community Schools. 

Despite the afternoon’s heavy snow, the districts went with a normal schedule for the day, but all say they continuously monitored the weather and kept parents up to date with the latest. 

“The last place we ever want to be is at a hospital or something of that nature. Do we take this very, very seriously? The answer is yes,” Assistant Superintendent of Mishawaka Schools Michael Pettibone said of the district’s decision. 

As they start to contemplate that decision again for Thursday’s school day, a number of the districts are using a program called School Messenger. 

This sends instant text messages and phone calls to parents whenever there is a delay or cancellation.  

Mishawaka police also assisted in making sure some of the Mishawaka Students got home safe. 

“We’re going to ask our drivers to be vigilant and pay attention to our children at that time,” Lt. Tim Williams said. 

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