Mural honoring George Floyd destroyed by lightning

TOLEDO, Ohio (ABC NEWS) -- A mural honoring George Floyd in Toledo has collapsed. Witnesses told Toledo Police it was destroyed by a lightning strike.

The destruction was heartbreaking for residents who went to see it, but city officials say they will support efforts to recreate the tribute to George Floyd.

"Right before that storm hit. I just pulled in my driveway, and it wasn't down. I would have noticed it right away. I noticed that when they put it up, I would have noticed it when it came down," neighbor Susan Keller said.

A witness told Toledo firefighters they saw a lightning strike hit the building.

A city inspector says there are no concerns about the structure as a whole. The building part is fine, but it's the outer layer of brick that now has to come down.

"It's beautiful actually when it was up. I hope they redo it," Keller said.

The City of Toledo has already released a statement on the mural, saying they will work with the arts commission on planning for a new mural, or help the commission and the artist find a new location, adding that they were heartbroken to see artist David Ross's work collapse.

Ross finished the mural in July 2020.

Since then, it's been a site where people have gathered for memorials to remember George Floyd. Now those moments here will have to also include the memories of the mural.

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