Music camp for Michiana girls going virtual

NOW: Music camp for Michiana girls going virtual


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Girls Rock Michiana started two years ago to inspire young girls to express themselves. This year, because of the pandemic, the camp is going virtual so that local girls can stay connected and learn. 

 “We’re hoping that this virtual camp will provide a lot of resources for them and inspire them to play on their own, play with friends, write their songs,” Girls Rock Michiana director, Melody Lutz said.

There is no sign up necessary, and girls of all ages are welcome to take part in the virtual camp. Lutz said the camp is an opportunity for girls to learn about various female artists and as a place for them to express themselves creatively.

“We’re posting a series of videos; we have lessons from our Music Village instructors, so we have lessons on voice keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. We’re also going to have performances from local female musicians,” Lutz said. 

The virtual camp starts July 23 through July 25 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  People can access the free online camp experience on the Girls Rock Michiana’s Facebook page here or their YouTube page here 

Activities include a daily online scavenger hunt on women in American rock history, vocal lessons, as well as guitar, keyboard and drums, and a songwriting workshop. 

“We’ll have something new posted every hour and a half and we’ll put the schedule up on the Facebook page so you can see what’s happening, but the content will live there, so girls can go back and watch it anytime they’d like,” Lutz said.

To catch up with other campers, you can sign up for the Girls Rock reunion via zoom here

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