My newest dead insect friend

Lately I never know what awaits me at work.  Sometimes it is a discarded rundown, other days it is some new friend left to me by our Chief Meteorologist, Jamie Martin.

I did not discover my newest desk companion for a few hours when I came in to work this afternoon.  And, when I did, I was a little creeped out!  I was just not expecting to see a giant dead moth on the divider between my desk and Jamie's.  And, then I was impressed!  Where does Jamie find these things?  I found out this latest insect was recovered from one of the news vehicles.  It would be a bit frightening to be driving with this huge moth flapping around.  Good thing it is now deceased.

This new friend is too pretty for a burial at sea, so I think I will use him as a decoration in the bonsai plant on Tom's desk.  Why should I have all the friends?  It is only fair and kind to share!  We shall see how long it takes for him to notice!   And, I fully understand that there will be retribution for my actions...I am looking forward to seeing what is in store!

In other is COLD outside!  We are looking at patchy frost tonight with overnight lows falling into the middle 30s.  BRR!  Time to throw an extra blanket on the bed and sleep in your socks!  I would say, fire up the furnace (and that is a great plan, too!)  but it will be warming back up as we move through the upcoming week, so you will not need it for too long.  Highs will return to the 70s later next week!  And, it will be sunny!  What a nice change from last week for this first week of October! 


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