Mystery man tries to lure 12-year-old into car in Bristol

NOW: Mystery man tries to lure 12-year-old into car in Bristol

BRISTOL, Ind.-- An investigation is underway after a man was spotted trying to lure a child into his car in the middle of the day. He apparently told the girl he needed help finding his dog.

It happened in the Pheasant Ridge neighborhood in Bristol around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. 

Now neighbors are asking for the community's help to find him. 

"He slowed down and talked to her. Circled around and talked to her again," said neighbor Kim Fegley.

That's what Fegley says happened when an unknown man tried to lure in a 12-year-old girl into his car, circling around several times.

“I lost my dog, can you help me find my dog and supposedly that’s what this man said. I lost my dog, can you help me find it," said Fegley.

The girl said no and kept walking. In her hand, an iPad that she used to quickly snap a few pictures.

Although ABC 57 didn't obtain them by the start of the newscast, in a post shared by the Pheasant Ridge Homeowners Association, the 12-year-old described the man and his vehicle as the following: 

    -White male

    -Mid 20's to early 30's

    -Short close shaven red beard

    -Make: Chevy

    -Model: Unknown

The girl noticed the car had no back seats. 

The incident is now sparking concern and surprise among residents.

“I don’t ever see it. It’s an extremely quiet neighborhood and everybody’s got everybody’s back," said Pheasant Ridge resident, Karl Kunisch.

Considering that kids in Elkhart County are on spring break has neighbors even more on edge. 

“Lot of kids are out playing especially since the weather has been so nice. So then that is kind of scary and you wonder if that’s what this person was realizing that kids are on spring break. There may be kids on spring break, now is the time to drive around and see what I can see," said Fegley.

The affected family is encouraging other parents to talk to their kids because had they not, the incident could've had a different ending. 

“This just proves that in a nice neighborhood like this, you always have to be on guard," said Fegley. 

Anyone with information is urged to call the Elkhart County Sheriffs Office.

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