Mystery project in Mishawaka sparking questions

NOW: Mystery project in Mishawaka sparking questions


MISHAWAKA, Ind --- A mystery project in Mishawaka sparked a buzz around the city about a possible new development.

A building that was previously an old hair salon is in the process of being demolished, but it’s still unclear of just what’s coming.

Although Tuesday’s demolition could be making room for new development on the corner of Mishawaka Avenue and Main Street, no one including the mayor of the city seems to really know exactly what it is yet.

“I have no idea. I’m sure what the city decides will be fine,” said Doreen Barnes who lives in Mishawaka.

“We’re certainly getting a lot of questions about what’s going on that corner. Quite frankly it’s not a city project. The private property owner has pulled a simple permit to demolish their buildings and so we presume and we’ve heard rumors that there could be some developments, new development, new construction on that corner,” added Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood.

Mayor Wood said although they’ve heard rumors, there still hasn’t been anything formally submitted to the city as far as a site plan or attempts for rezoning.

Before new construction gets underway a permit will have to be filed with the city followed by public meetings. But, some residents ABC57 spoke with already have speculations.

“Originally I heard about a month ago Inova Credit Union bought all this property,” said Mishawaka Resident Kevin Edwards. “They’re going to build a big credit Union there, there are going to have a playground, stuff for the community. Kind of like what they did in downtown Elkhart.”

With recent developments in the Mishawaka area like improvements to parks and the Riverwalk along with the Ironworks Plaza, Mayor Wood said whatever this potential development ends up being he thinks it can only add to city as a whole.

“I’d like to see something that serves not only the downtown but the greater public and maybe even provides some employment opportunities for our public, so we think that would be a good thing,” added Mayor Wood.

ABC57 did reach out to the property owner, along with the owners next door as well as Inova Federal Credit Union who said they could not comment at this time.

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