Nappanee breaks records with a pie you'll have to go see for yourself

The Nappanee Apple Festival has been awarded with the best pie of Indiana.

Not only will this event quadruple the amount of people strolling downtown, but visitors will also have an opportunity to see a record breaking pie. 

The festival’s apple supplier said they’re right where they want to be in terms of apple product. 

But this time around, Nappanee stepped it up a notch and broke records with the huge pie made in a Mexican restaurant. 

Anyone can come in and view the pie as its being finished by locals with a lot of experience. 

"But this pie weights 600 pounds, it's 7 feet around. This pie's been made since the bakery was in town back in the early 70s." says Donna Persing, director of the Apple Festival. 

As the festival gets ready to accommodate all the foot traffic, Nappanee is expecting a million dollar economic impact. 

That’s from people coming in and shopping, staying at hotels, and taking advantage of the activities. 

Planning for the 2017 festival will begin the Monday after this year’s festivities are over. 

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