National non-profit reacts to Florida high school shooting

NOW: National non-profit reacts to Florida high school shooting

“We can do something about gun violence and it must include changing our laws,” said Stephen Miller, a survivor fellow with national non-profit ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’.

Miller, who is also the brother of a victim of gun violence, says tragedies like what happened to his brother and the mass shooting that happened Wednesday at a Florida High School are reaching heights he never thought were possible.

“The last 46 years I’ve watched it become gun violence being an outlier which now it has grown to where 93 people a day die from gun violence ,” said Miller.

And the numbers of these deaths continue to grow. In part, he says, it may be due to Indiana’s current gun laws and bills filed

“Instead of going forward with stronger safety measures for guns we actually have a legislature that’s going backwards,” said Miller.

But in the wake of tragedies like what happened Wednesday, he and those with Everytown for Gun Safety will continue to fight gun violence in the nation and Michiana.

“The 14 or so children in Florida that are going to go on, if they survive, they’ll go on to have a lot of different medical issues for the rest of their lives and it takes a long time to cope and you never get over it.” said Miller.

A February meeting is scheduled by members with Evertown to talk about action steps in response to the epidemic of gun violence in the U.S. Click here for more about that event.

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