Nazi graffiti spray-painted on South Bend man's car

NOW: Nazi graffiti spray-painted on South Bend man’s car

SOUTH BEND, Ind - A symbol reminiscent of Nazi Germany were spray painted on Mark Katz of South Bend’s car.

Katz loaned his car to a friend, who parked it on the street, only to wake up and find the swastika painted on the car.

According to Katz when the Police were called they investigated the damage and classified it as “low-level vandalism.

“Being that I’m a second generation child of survivors it touches personally “ Katz said.

The Swastika was an ancient religious symbol but in modern times is associated with Nazi Germany and as a symbol of hate.

Katz says despite the situation he is not giving up on South Bend.

“I’ve been here quite a few years and I’ve never seen that before, not here in South Bend” Katz said.

ABC57 reached out to the South Bend Police Department for an official statement but at the time the story aired we did not receive a response.

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