NCAA Women's Basketball Champs celebrate homecoming

NOW: NCAA Women’s Basketball Champs celebrate homecoming


SOUTH BEND, Ind.- NCAA Champions, the number one team, Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Team comes back home after a win against Mississippi State.

Notre Dame walked off the court with a 61 to 58 point win. Crowds of green flooded campus on Monday as the team celebrated their homecoming.

Fans tell ABC57 they had pre-made signs because they knew in their hearts, these women were bringing home the title.

“It was before they won, we had a feeling, we knew,” says one Notre Dame fan.

Notre Dame fans flooded the university’s campus, with green pom-poms, band music and even homemade signs.

“To see this moment of them win a National Championship it was almost surreal,” says another fan.

Cheers and chants greeted the team as they arrived and fans could not hold back their emotions.

“We watch every game,” says a young ND fan. “We just cheer them on and we love them, they’re awesome.”

 “I’m too excited to feel cold,” says Karen Benjamin, a fan. “I am just happy for the coach, for the girls, South Bend and Notre Dame.”

But the key word defining the Irish women’s season, “It’s been such an amazing ride, getting to see them move through the adversity,” says Dani Meersman, who was on campus.

“They played as a team, they never gave up, they play for one another, that’s Notre Dame,” says Father John Jenkins.

“I am so happy for Muffet and all the staff, we never gave up on them,” says one fan.

Another Irish fan tells ABCC57 she knew right after the win against Louisville, the title was theirs.

“I knew right then and there they were going to pull it together and take number one!”

“Besides having my children and my grandchildren, this is the most awesome moment,” says a fan.

So now, what’s next?

 “Looking forward to next year when we can go to Florida and see them get another National Championship,” says Paula Meersman, a longtime fan.

The Mayor’s Office says they’re hoping to play a parade, of some sort, in the coming days.

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