Near white-out conditions in Warsaw, Rochester

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. -- A winter storm continues to pound Indiana. Fulton and Kosciusko counties are dealing with strong wind and white out conditions. Police and sheriff’s deputies have been responding to slide-offs and fender benders all day.

Accidents lined the roads of rural Indiana Wednesday.

In Rochester and Warsaw, the snow was so bad, there were white out conditions.

In such bad weather, emergency responders can expect an increase in calls for help.

"The snow sweeps across the roads, and it can be really dangerous,” said Captain Aaron Roventstein, Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department.

Officers spent all day Wednesday rescuing distressed drivers.

Some aren't used to the extreme weather yet after weeks of mild temperatures.

"I can't stand the snow. I would rather it be snowy for Christmas, which it was, and now, it can go away,” said Alison Grove.

But a big snow fall isn't bad for everybody.

"Oh, it doesn’t bother me. I'll be out here all day, and when it stops, I'll do it all over again,” said landscaper Steve Migala.

Migala depends on it to get through the holiday season.

If you must drive in the snow, slow down and take your time.

"Map out your destinations a little early, and give yourself a little more time to get there. Just a lot of common sense things that people seem to forget over the summer and fall months,” said Roventstein.

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