Negotiations between Honeywell and UAW resume

It has been almost five months since union workers at the South Bend Honeywell plant were locked out from their job.

On Monday, negotiations between Honeywell and UAW Local 9 will resume. The last negotiations were the week of September 12th but the two groups failed to reach an agreement.

The lockout happened on May 9th. Employees showed up for a day of work and were escorted off of Honeywell's property.

There will be a press conference Monday at 10 a.m. at UAW Local 5 Hall. President of UAW Dennis Williams and U.S Senate candidate Evan Bayh are expected to speak to union workers. Following that press conference, they will go to Honeywell and speak to union workers on the picket line.

Since the lockout, multiple political figures have shown support for locked out workers. In a letter to Honeywell, three U.S Senators said in part, “Honeywell has hired temporary replacement workers to continue building parts that support the Air Force’s F-35 and B-52 program. We believe our servicemen and women deserve the highest quality parts and equipment built by a high quality workforce.” That letter was written prior to the negotiations that took place in September. 

Negotiations will last until Wednesday October 5.

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