Neighbors and witnesses react to Granger apartment fire

NOW: Neighbors and witnesses react to Granger apartment fire


GRANGER, Ind. - Fire crews responded to an apartment fire at the Summer Place Apartment Complex in Granger at midnight Sunday morning. The fire displaced the residents of 16 apartment units and had neighbors speaking out Sunday afternoon.

"I just peaked out the window and seen all the firemen and everybody standing outside trying to see what's happening," said Tina Massey who lives in the building next to the one that caught fire.

Massey said she woke up to see red lights reflecting off of her walls and at first thought it was either a police officer or an ambulance. When she realized it was firefighters responding to a fire next door, she considered herself lucky.

"It could have been kind of scary because if nobody was there to actually see what's going on, it could have spread farther," Massey said. "Maybe it could have come over to this building. I don't know"

Massey said she's lived at Summer Place Apartments for four years and has never seen any emergency response vehicles responding in the complex like they did early Sunday morning. Witnesses like Ayshia Hunter, said the sights caught her attention, but the sounds were what stuck with her.

"All we saw was flames, and you heard the intensity, Hunter said. "You heard cries and everything, and we just knew it was bad."

Hunter said the fire was impossible to miss.

"It was really bad," Hunter said. "It was up there. It was so bad; you could hear how intense and stuff it was all the way back there. It was bright. Smoke was really heavy. You couldn't really see anything but the fire."

Despite the events of Sunday morning, Massey said she is not worried about living in Summer Place and neither should anyone else.

"I mean I hope it don't stop people from living here because this is a nice place to stay," Massey said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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