Neighbors blame night club for violence, new owner blames previous owners

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - Neighbors who live near The Spot Night Club in St. Joseph County just outside Mishawaka are blaming the club for attracting a rough crowd.

As I was getting video of the club Monday evening a woman yelled from a business across the street, "Shut it down."  Neighbors I spoke with feel the same way. I couldn't get a neighbor to speak to me on camera in fear of retaliation but three neighbors told me the bar attracts bad people.

The Spot Night Club has a new owner, Curtis Price, a single father with three kids that has made a career out of club promotion and now owner.

"It's taken me until now to get people comfortable and safe entering the establishment, " Price said.

Price took over in May and changed the name from Blue Island, it was named Blue Jeans before that.

"Just give it that time because there haven't been any police cars out here in at least 12 months, so it is definitely not the place it use to be, I say give it a change." 

Price said since he has been the owner there haven't been any real notable problems but admits fights will break out at any bar.

Jeromy Miller was gunned down in the early morning hours Sunday. Miller was shot at least three times, twice in the head. Miller was pronounced dead on the scene.

The fatal shooting happened just two blocks from The Spot Night Club.

"It was very unfortunate and my condolences go out to the family," Price said.

According to court documents two of the men who were also int he car with Miller ran into the night club to call 911. Price said that someone related to Miller works at his night club.

"It kind of bothered me because of the simple fact that we have been trying to turn the place around and be a positive for the community and a positive for the area."

The Spot Night Club doesn't have surveillance video but does have security in the parking lot and inside. Price said those coming inside are patted down on the weekends and South Bend Police Officers work Friday and Saturday nights to make sure that it is safe.

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