Neighbors react to early morning shooting in South Bend

NOW: Neighbors react to early morning shooting in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -  A shooting happened early Sunday morning on South Bend’s southeast side.

The two victims have been identified as 25-year old Raven Derrickson and 25-year-old Deja Johnson.

“I used to feel safe but I don’t feel safe any longer,” Connie Yoder, one neighbor said.

A sentiment several neighbors near the corner Leer and Indiana Avenue are feeling after a shooting happened on their block just before 3 Sunday morning.

“I noticed there was a bunch of cop cars that came rolling up to the corner,” Terry Johnson, another neighbor said.

According to police, the two victims reported they were in a vehicle when it was hit by gunfire.

One woman was hit in the face and the other woman was injured by debris. Both are expected to make a full recovery.

“Too close for comfort that really really scares me,” Yoder said.

Neighbors aren’t surprised.

“Not really because in the past few years there have been people shot over there on Leer Street,” Johnson said.

“I do hear shots fired at least once every other week.” “it’s gotten pretty bad the past year,” Yoder said.

Yoder has lived in the neighborhood for 5 years and says she's seen her once peaceful neighborhood turn unsafe.

“It just seems like it’s getting closer. The violence, the yelling and screaming, people racing down the street,” she said. “During the summer our neighbors and I, we couldn’t even go on our front porch and sit because we were hearing shots fired.”

Many in the neighborhood remember that just weeks ago, a man named Trey Martinez was killed.

“It was right here off of Indiana Avenue,” Yoder said.

But all they can hope is for more surveillance in the area, like a neighborhood watch program or safe house kids can go to if they are in trouble.

And they say they want to see the city step up.

“Police patrol because I see maybe one or two cop cars go by in a week so there should be a little bit more,” Johnson said.

“We need the city to help out a little more, send police officers out a little bit more,” Yoder said.

South Bend Police are still investigating this shooting and no suspects have been named in the case.

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