Neighbors react to tragic hit and run

NOW: Neighbors react to tragic hit and run

MISHAWAKA, IN - Tonight, co-workers and friends of 20-year-old Cory Martin honor him at the site he was struck and killed. Just last night, Martin was hit on Edison Street when biking home from his shift at Jimmy Johns. According to nearby neighbors, Edison Street has been a hot spot for many accidents.

“People drive up and down this road too fast,” said Barbara and Robert Taylor.

Barbara and Robert have been living in their home off of Edison Street for nearly 31 years and have seen multiple tragedies.

“Something needs to be done because there’s too many people getting killed on this street,” said Robert.

They explain the speed limit on Edison Street is 30 miles per hour, but rarely, do people follow that. In fact, drivers have lost control and ended up in their own front yard.

“Where you going? You aren’t going nowhere. Everything going to be there when you get there,” said Robert.

As for this accident, investigators are currently still searching for the car that hit Martin – a red Hyundai with damage to the front end and right side.

“People need to pray more and really help people more. We can’t just do nothing if someone get hit around here,” said Barbara. “That’s a coward. Should’ve stopped. That’s a life, but furthermore, shouldn’t have been running that fast,” said Robert.

ABC57 has reached out to the police department about how many accidents have happened on Edison Street but have yet to hear back.

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