Neighbors turn to parks to embrace social distancing

NOW: Neighbors turn to parks to embrace social distancing

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- People living in Mishawaka spent Monday afternoon in Central Park to have social interactions while still distancing themselves. This comes after Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed a 'Stay at Home" order Monday morning. 

Martine De Ridder spent Monday afternoon walking the trails at Mishawaka's Central Park. She says this is not here first time having to practice social distancing. 

De Ridder says she spent last year battling cancer and that caused her to have to isolate from the outside world. "My daughter was with me, which was wonderful, but the rest of the people I knew there was very little contact because my immune system was down," said De Ridder.

The CDC recommends that people keep at least six feet between each other until the virus is contained. De Ridder says she has had to use other methods to interact with other people while keeping herself safe.

"There are other ways to feel related. You can call people," said De Ridder. "You can say 'Hello,' when you have a walk in the park even it’s with people you don’t know and sometimes it really really helps."

De Ridder says she understands the need to keep a distance between people but hopes to see things get back to normal. "I think it is necessary for the health of all," said De Ridder. "I mean this is a community effort and I think that people can get through it."

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