New boxing gym in Michiana offering Olympic level training taught by a Chicago Golden Gloves champion

NOW: New boxing gym in Michiana offering Olympic level training taught by a Chicago Golden Gloves champion


BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- A new boxing gym recently opened in St. Joe Michigan offering athletic training by a champion and professional woman boxer where giving up simply isn’t an option.

Clare Crowley is the owner and coach of ‘Boxing House International’ that opened last month in June with a shared space with CrossFit Tides.

She is a certified USA boxing coach, licensed athlete and is a Chicago golden gloves boxing champion, currently training with the Cuban Olympic team.

She has dedicated her entire life to boxing and found her passion nearly 20 years ago.

“I’m a life student of the sport. I'm a huge fan of the sport. I don’t know why, I feel like maybe it was a past life or it was just meant to be,” Crowley said.

For Crowley, one day completely changed her entire life when she met a professional boxer and quickly seized the moment by asking if she could tag along to some training sessions.

Since her leap of faith, she’s trained with legendary trainers and coaches from all over the world since Crowley was just 21-years-old.

Now, she’s bringing home the gold and her expertise to Michiana to train.

With her own space, Crowley is also working to create a team to compete in competitions across the country to try and fight their way to the Olympic level.

“You can be pushed past the point of wanting to quit and give up and walk past that point and do incredible things that’s what the sport teaches you to do,” Crowley said.

If throwing on the boxing gloves sounds like something you want to try out, Crowley is looking for students to help expand her classes.

The three classes per week are open to all people of all ages from kids to adults throughout Michiana with a focus on teaching the fundamentals of boxing with a touch of spiritual work.

Boxing is known to be good for not only your physical body, but also for your mental health, and the certified professional coach is connecting yoga through her “one two” punches.

Crowley plans to expand her classes soon in addition to seasonal camps and sand-boxing.

So, if you're looking to be the next boxing champion, Crowley is ready to take you to the next level of training to compete in competition’s all the way up to the Olympic level.

Her goal is not only to make you the best of the best but to truly help you find yourself through the punches.

“Gosh, no I love it. I love when I start to see people sack because no. Because this is where, when you start to slack in here, it is exactly where you start to slack in any sort of area in your life, when you’re doing your bookkeeping, when you’re going through something hard with your romantic partner, or your kids. That mentality is showing up in every single area of your life asking you to know to stay present, keep with the work, keep going, you’re moving past that pattern of, I’m stabbing you out patterns really and getting you out of your headspace and back to work...back to life.”

Crowley says it’s more than just giving up in the boxing rink that starts to appear in your everyday life so training your mind to push through it helps the mind and body master the mindset of losing and then pushing through whether it’s boxing or life itself.

The location to stop on by is 622 Langley Ave, Unit H, Saint Joseph, MI 49085. 

For more information about Boxing House International, you can click here. 

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