New comfort food favorites featured at Four Winds Field

NOW: New comfort food favorites featured at Four Winds Field

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- There’s no doubt the food experience at the ballpark is ever evolving.

While you still have the classics like peanuts and cracker jacks, Four Winds Field is introducing fans to some new favorites in 2018.

Nick Barkley is the Director of Food Service with the South Bend Cubs.

“We have the best hot dogs in baseball,” said Barkley.

That was the mission when Owner Andrew Berlin bought the organization back in 2011.

Now the Cubs have another mission: To have the best overall food experience in the business.

“Mac and cheese bowls, the Cajun Burger, the loaded BBQ baked potato. Those are some of the things we like to introduce,” said Barkley.

His fourth season at the helm of the South Bend Cubs kitchen, Josh Farmer is dishing out some comfort food favorites.

“I’m a burger freak. So anytime we get to introduce a new burger in Burgertopia is something I really like just because there’s a lot of different flavors that go on there,” said Chef Farmer.

And if flavor is what you crave then the Cajun Burger is calling your name.

“Eight ounce patty that’s been grilled. It’s been topped with rendered with 4 oz. of Andouille sausage. It goes on top of the bacon. Little bit of pepper jack cheese on top there. Top it with jalapeno peppers and our brioche bun,” said Farmer.

The team takes the entire off-season to come up with these game winners, get feedback from season ticket holders and tweak recipes so it’s tastes claim victory over your taste buds!

“You add things like wraps and baked potatoes and people are like wow that’s really cool, but then come to the ballpark and their like ‘I’ll take two hot dogs’. But that’s great. We want people to enjoy our hot dogs. We want people to enjoy everything! To give them that experience. Because the food is a big part of that ballpark experience,” said Barkley.

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