New details in Elkhart police-involved shooting

NOW: New details in Elkhart police-involved shooting


It’s been almost a week since a grand jury decided the two Elkhart officers involved in a police-related shooting last year will not face charges.

29-year-old Norman Gary died in the shooting, but three others were injured. On Tuesday ABC 57 News received information about people involved in the case.

All victim names and ages have been released. A list of witnesses and all the officers involved, plus the names of two suspects involved in this case.

On December 4, 2016 around 3:45 a.m. Sgt. Nathan Lanzen, Corporal Leonard Dolshenko and Corporal Brandon Roundtree were investigating a burglary on Capital Boulevard in Elkhart.

According to ISP’s investigation, less than a block away on Decamp Avenue, a party was going on but there was an altercation.

The officers on scene heard gun shots coming from that home and ran toward the shots.

An ISP summary report lists all the officers involved in the shooting, 44 in total. Half were assisting officers and the other half were reporting officers.

According to Prosecutor Vicki Becker there was an estimated 50 people attending that house party. A total of 37 witnesses were there and 17 were interviewed.

29-year old Norman Gary died and 22-year-old Jazzlyn Craze was injured while in the car with Gary

The other two individuals injured were 24-year-old Delanos Johnson and 21-year-old Shawn Scott, but no description of their injuries is listed.

One of those victims is the man police say they saw lying near a driveway suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, but which one hasn't been confirmed yet. 

28–year-old Byron Lee Wheeler and 28-year-old Detric Jermaine Wilson are the only two individuals listed as suspects/offenders in this case.

Sandy Holt, Norman Gary’s sister says any new information is helpful in her brother’s case. She says she will continue fighting for justice.

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