New hydroelectric plant groundbreaking

NOW: New hydroelectric plant groundbreaking

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Groundbreaking for the new hydroelectric plant and park project began on Monday.

The city of South Bend and Notre Dame joined forces to help create a 2.5 megawatt hydroelectric generation facility on the dam in the St. Joeseph river near Seitz Park. 

The project is being fully funded by Notre Dame, including a one million dollar donation to the new parks beautification. 

The university will be using the power generated from the plant to help power 7 percent of the campus' power. This project is among others the university is employing to help with their sustainabilty plan to offset early 9700 tons of carbon dioxide annually and cut their carbon foot print in half by 2030. 

Aside from the plant, this 2 phase project will also renovate Seitz Park. The project is planned to include an outdoor concert venue, restrooms, and vending kiosks for the entire city and its visitors to use and enjoy for many years to come. 

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