New officers sworn into South Bend Police Department

NOW: New officers sworn into South Bend Police Department

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Six new probationary officers were sworn in Wednesday morning before Mayor James Mueller and the Board of Public Safety. Their goal is to shed a positive light on the police force.

“There's a there's a lot of factors going in it right now with the pandemic with the culture, the climate and everything like that but I think that speaks volumes to those who are signing up to go out and make a change and make a difference for the communities that they serve in that they live in,” said Larry Harris, Former Recruit and New Probationary Officer.

Harris has said that he wants to spread a positive message about officers to the community, especially in light of recent events that sparked racial tension nationwide.

“My goals are to just be a shining light. Like I said, there's a lot of stuff going on right now, and there's a lot of darkness and evil going on. So I want to be good. I want to go out here and show love when there's hate. I want to show understanding when there's misunderstanding and just be able to police with grace, love, and compassion and serve the community, the best way that I know how the best way that my mom taught me to from a little boy,” said Harris.

All of the officers had to complete the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy which they say included a lot of intense physical training.

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