New program aimed at improving policing policies in twin cities

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – Benton Harbor and St. Joseph police are teaming up in a joint training program to increase effectiveness.

The new program is called “CORE strength” and it stands for connect, own, reveal and empower.

The training program was created by Ball State University social worker Danette Baird who partners with police departments to create effective policing strategies.

Benton Harbor police and St. Joseph police will each designate five officers to receive training to improve job performance, enhance community relations and to decrease the number of disciplinary incidents.

“I actually think it is a great idea because well seeing how there’s been a lot of conflicts especially recently I think it’s a great idea that they’re joining forces together,” St. Joseph resident Alexis Beaver said.

When asked “what would you like citizens to say about this program in the future?” Benton Harbor public safety director Daniel McGinnis said “I’d like for them to say that they see their police department trying to be proactive to move towards having an increased relationship with them and not waiting until something is wrong.”

After the first 10 officers finish their training the Benton Harbor and St. Joseph police departments hope to expand the program further. 

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