New push to fight synthetic marijuana

NOW: New push to fight synthetic marijuana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As of July 1, the state of Indiana passed legislation making the selling or possession of synthetic cannabinoids or synthetic drugs a felony. 

Previously a misdemeanor offense,  if convicted you could potentially be spending 6 years in prison. 

These were among the facts discussed by the "Not in our Community" committee Friday morning. Comprised of common council members, law enforcement, and local activists the group held the press conference to get the word out about the change in legislation, share the dangers of the substances, and to create awareness.

Known as Mr. Smiley, K2, spice, touchi among others the the synthetic drug is a combination of varying drugs and chemicals that vary in every strain. It looks like potpourri or oregano and has a distinctly sweet versus skunky smell. 

And this new drug is a large issue in South Bend. There have been 1700 overdoses related to synthetic marijuana in the Beacon Health Care system. 

With this issue gaining footing in our own community the committee wants the community to know their vigilance is necessary and that stepping in and educating peers will be the only way to help our friends and families. 


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