New signage for South Bend International Airport

South Bend International Airport is planning to post new signs in South Bend, Mishawaka, and other areas throughout St. Joseph County to reflect their name change.

“To have an international airport here in our back yard is a pretty big deal,” says Julie Curtis, Director of Marketing and Development, South Bend International Airport.

The airport changed its name from South Bend Regional to South Bend International in April 2014.

“Going through this rebranding process it is very important that we look at all the different pieces of our identity and make sure that we have a consistent theme and message going across,” says Curtis.

The airport recently began step one of the new signage process by identifying where all the old signs are located. 

“We need to map out all of the signs and make sure they still make sense to be there or maybe there are a few that are missing and need to be added into the mix,” says Curtis. 

The airport last updated its signs in the 90s.

Curtis says the sign changing has been a slow process but now they have ramped up their plan to showcase the airport's international status all over St. Joseph County.

“This will essentially be our final name, South Bend International, so we want to take this time to make sure everything is correct and our identity is the same no matter where you are coming to us from,” says Curtis.

Curtis says planning began just a couple of weeks ago. The airport is working with the city of South Bend, Mishawaka and INDOT in order to get a final budget number.

There's no word yet on when the project will be completed. 
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