New true crime podcast details 38-year-old cold case out of Argos

NOW: New true crime podcast details 38-year-old cold case out of Argos

ARGOS, Ind. - A new true crime podcast released earlier this month is consistently topping charts with millions of downloads.

It’s called The Deck: Investigates, hosted by Indiana podcaster Ashley Flowers. 

And the murder this podcast investigates happened right here in Michiana, in Argos. 

Darlene Hulse lived on 20B Road but in August of 1984, she was murdered in her own home, seemingly by a stranger. 

Almost 40 years later, the case remains unsolved. 

The gatekeeper of the case is Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman, whose interviews are featured in the podcast. 

He confirms they still have some DNA that can be tested in one-on-one comparisons.

But from what the podcast uncovers, nothing is being done to analyze those samples.

That’s why with the release of the show, there is a new push to pressure Chipman to reopen the investigation, especially considering how much testing technology has evolved since back in the day.

Hulse's three children were home during the brutal attack, including Kristin Rooks, who was just a baby.

All three survived. 

Today, they are still searching for answers about what happened to their mom, who killed her, and why.

"It’s like I’ve been hitting brick wall after brick wall after brick wall. Or promises have been made and not kept, or I’ve been getting the runaround," said Rooks. "Ashley reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to work with them on my mom’s case. And I’m like ‘well, what could it hurt?'"

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Click here to learn more about the petition urging the Marshall County Prosecutor's Office to move forward with DNA testing.

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