Newly annexed land in Mishawaka could see a Gurley Leep auto mall

NOW: Newly annexed land in Mishawaka could see a Gurley Leep auto mall

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- The Mishawaka Common Council voted to annex three pieces of unincorporated county land into city limits in Monday night's meeting.

One parcel has plans for storage units, another has plans for a residential subdivision, but the third, city officials are calling it a planned "auto mall" commercial development with hints at Gurley Leep behind the project. 

"A well-known name and entity in the community, a valued corporate citizen," says Mishawaka Common Council President, Gregg Hixenbaugh. 

The plans for an auto mall in Mishawaka are revving up excitement from city officials, as shown by their unanimous vote to annex 31 acres of land for the development.

"It is my understanding that this is going to be a comprehensive development so that one parcel will flow into the other and it will be used in a consistent manner," Hixenbaugh explains.

The newly annexed farmland on the northwest corner of Capital Ave. and Cleveland Rd. is a subsequent phase of an annexation the council approved two years ago of land to the north and west that sets the stage for the $50 million project.

"The transportation amenities that are available in that area, beginning with the toll road and then the improvements to Capital Avenue that have been made over the course of years, really set that area up for some exciting development opportunities in this is an example of that," says Hixenbaugh. 

Though still early in the process, city leaders hope it's a development that spurs economic growth and improves quality of life for Mishawaka residents. 

"We look forward to seeing them expand their operations and consolidate their operations perhaps at the new location," Hixenbaugh says.

City leaders say it's up to the developer for next steps in the project.

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