Think your tweets are out of this world? NASA wants you to prove it

By Julie Zink, CNN

(CNN) -- NASA is making it easy to send your most profound thought into the universe. But it better be really good.

Since August 1, NASA has been collecting tweets, posts, and pictures containing the hashtag #MessageToVoyager.

The space agency will pick one and beam it up to the Voyager, the farthest human-made object in the universe.

It's all in celebration of the explorer's 40th year in space.

"Our planet may be long gone and the [Voyager] will still be traveling through space and our galaxy," Suzy Dodd, the project manager to the Voyager Interstellar Mission, told CNN.

"What would you like to add [to the time capsule message]? What well wishes do you have for our interstellar ambassador?" Dodd said.

The Voyager is the oldest operating space mission and the first in the universe to fly by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

NASA requests uplifting messages and will select one through a combination of public vote and input from the Voyager team. The last day to send a #MessageToVoyager is August 15 and public voting to choose a winning message will begin August 23. The winner will be launched into space on September 5 to float among the stars indefinitely.

Having trouble coming up with a sentiment worthy of the universe's attention? Out of the hundreds of messages NASA has received so far, here are some highlights:

Now, ready. Set. Tweet.


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