Niles bar asking for community's help in pandemic rebound

NOW: Niles bar asking for community’s help in pandemic rebound

NILES, Mich. -- A restaurant is hoping to raise $125,000 so they can remain open after struggling to rebound from the pandemic.

Good Anuff Pub has been in Niles for six years and was started by husband and wife Stacy and Ed Walsh.

This past year and a half, they’ve been able to make it through the days, but time is running out, and soon they could have to close for good.

“If we don’t pay it then we have to give it back and this is no longer our bar,” said Stacy.

They’ve been working to pay off their land contract since buying the building in 2015. 

But, not enough profit came in while they were shut down, meaning they couldn’t pay off the remaining $125,000 in time. 

“You’re struggling to make ends meet day-by-day and there’s other stuff, we had licenses due, property taxes and you get behind on those then you keep getting penalties and can never catch up,” she said.

The pub already has minimal staff and shortened their hours to only be open for just five hours a day. 

Walsh said they haven’t received any financial relief and have only made it this far by the support of customers — those who they’re now hoping can help Good Anuff Pub have a future.

“My husband has another job to keep the household up,” Stacy said. “But here, it’s been solely customers, we’ve only made it because of people in the community.”

To donate to their GoFundMe page, click here.

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