Nitro Circus coming to Michiana to perform their new tour at Four Winds Field

NOW: Nitro Circus coming to Michiana to perform their new tour at Four Winds Field

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Nitro Circus is ready to rev up for Michiana in their new Good, Bad, & Rad tour, which kicks off at Four Winds Field.

It’s not your typical event taking place at Four Winds Field.

There won't be any players in pinstripes, instead, there’s high-flying entertainment doing daring stunts.

“I just can’t wait to throw it down,” said 4 time X-Games champion Ryan Williams.

Williams is one of the many stars in the new tour, with tricks that are hard to imagine.

“If you look around your household, you might see a lounge chair, put wheels on it and we’re going to jump 40 feet, that’s basically how it works,” said Williams.

The Nitro Circus team is bringing an all new show to Four Winds Field and performing it for the first time.

“We have obstacles that you don’t have anywhere else in the world,” said Williams

“Just new tricks. There is always new tricks with guys progressing at a pretty quick rate,” said professional rollerblader Chris Haffey.

Performers say you might even see tricks they've never performed before, it just depends how comfortable they feel.

“As much as we are sure about what we’re doing, there’s always that little bit of nerves,” Haffey said.

“I am a little bit nervous for tomorrow’s show but I’m sure it’s going to be a good one here in South Bend. I’m just so excited,” Williams added.

The event will take place Thursday at 7 p.m.

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