Non-credible clown threat still prompts school district to increase security

Out of an abundance of caution, the Penn Harris Madison school district will have extra security precautions at Penn High School, Bittersweet Elementary and Schmucker Middle school on Friday because of an alleged threat circulating on social media.

The threat capitalizes on the recent media attention on clown sightings throughout the US.

The post on social media said, "We will be at all high schools this Friday to either kidnapp (sic) students or kill teachers going to they (sic) cars…#WeNotClowninAround."

District officials and law enforcement do not believe the threat is legitimate, but are responding to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Parents of Penn Harris Madison students should check their email and voice mail for the safety announcement. They also sent a letter home to parents. Click here to read the letter.

PHM Director of Safety and Student Services Mike Seger is working closely with St. Joseph County Police Department and the Cyber Crimes Unit on this investigation.

The post does not name any specific high school in the US.

Local police will be at Penn High School as well as Bittersweet and Schmucker, because of their proximity to Penn.

The district does not believe the threat is credible, but says if parents wish to keep their students home from school on Friday, their absence will be excused if the attendance office is called according to school policies.

School City of Mishawaka sent parents a similar letter regarding the alleged threat. They will be taking similar precautions on Friday.

Click here to read the School City of Mishawaka letter.

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