Non-profit brings life to vacant lots across town

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--It all started with one South Bend woman who was sick of looking at kids playing in vacant lots scattered with trash. One purchased lot turned into two, and now there's a non-profit called "Lots of Hope."

"We purchase the vacant lots in the area off the commissioner's tax sale, so we get them for about $25 and then our goal is to turn them into pocket parks for the neighborhood," said Nancy Tetzlaff, creator of the non-profit "Lots of Hope."

Her non-profit aims to give a safe play space for all the neighborhood kids. They've already purchased five lots and spent the day celebrating with a block party.

"We're trying to give them something to be proud of," said Susan Greutman, volunteer. "Having a clean space to play instead of trash and tall grass."

Foegley Landscaping even volunteered to help level some of the uneven lots.

"They planted wild flower seeds for us and so we're just gonna see how they develop- what the neighbors want in each of the lots," said Tetzlaff.

These pro-active neighbors take pride in helping improve South Bend one block at a time. Even police chief Ron Teachman showed up to celebrate.

"The city has a lot to do right now and they really need citizens to step up and decide that they we can do this too, we don't need to wait for the city to do this," said Greutman.

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