North Judson music students participate in peaceful protest

North Judson High School students stood together  in a peaceful protest Friday.  Students at North Hudson San Pierre High fear the school is slowly phasing out its music program.

“Music is my lifeline,” explained 8th grader, Moll McDondald.

For the band and choir students at North Judson, music is more than just another class , it's their passion.

But the school district is facing another million dollar budget cut and students are concerned.

“I don't feel very confident about them not cutting the band program because all they need is one performing ensemble and the band doesn't have a lot of people in it right now,” said 8th grader Cierra Shell.

During winter break,  the music room is being converted into a weight room and music students will now start rehearsing in the auditorium.  So Friday, music students made their last day in the band and choir rooms count by participating in a peaceful protest.

“Me and Cierra both sat in front of the door with our instruments,” explained 8th grader Jordan Barnhart.

“It was tough to start actually protesting, everyone was really nervous but I was ready to get started and actually take the band room back,” said 9th grade choir student, Hannah Kleist.

Abc 57 News took the students' concerns to Superintendent Lynn Johnson.  Here is what we found out – the district is losing money, fast.

Johnson explained, “We have declining enrollment.  This past year we lost 40 students in our enrollment and that is equivalent to a quarter of a million dollars in revenue.”

But she says the music program is not on the chopping block.  

“My background was music so I always have wanted to keep music it was never ever the intention to get rid of music, but we do have to tighten up on it.”
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