Northern Indiana's growing influence at Statehouse

Northwest Indiana has a growing voice in conversations happening in the Statehouse.
“We are continuing to grow our voice in a lot of different ways, and this is just a great opportunity amidst a whole host of others,” said La Porte Mayor Blair Milo.
Local leaders like Mayor Milo, are making sure the issues affecting our area are being addressed downstate.
She was chosen to be part of the 16-member transition team Governor-elect Eric Holcomb introduced in November.
He chose two others from Northern part of the state.
“I think it’s indicative of a perspective of Governor-elect Holcomb has of really wanting to be inclusive of all different parts of the state,” said Mayor Milo.
As part of this team, Mayor Milo hopes to include some of the area’s priorities in the governor-elect’s plans.
“Some of the challenges that may be unique for Northwest Indiana but also challenges that are affecting the entire state that we can bring our regional perspective,” said Mayor Milo.
La Porte will have another influence in the Statehouse.
“It is a really exciting time for Northwest Indiana, it really is,” said District 8 State Senator Mike Bohacek.
Bohacek, a two-term county commissioner is already pushing for change his constituents from the north are asking for.
“These things need to happen and that’s the kind of regional effort that we’re really trying to bring forward,” said Bohacek.
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