Northwood Panthers finish on top as 3A state champions

NOW: Northwood Panthers finish on top as 3A state champions

NAPPANEE, Ind. - Indiana high school basketball is officially over with, ending with the Northwood Panthers beating Guerin Catholic 66-63 in overtime to finish on top as 3A state champions.

The start of this game had Northwood up 18-4 on the back of Cade Brenner with 12 points in the first quarter.

Brenner would put up an impressive performance in the second quarter to expand the lead, but not before the Golden Eagles rallied back from down 35-27 at halftime.

For the Panthers, it came down to taking smart shots and staying out of foul trouble for the big man Tyler Raasch.

Tyler and his brother brought the pressure in the second half, combining for 27 points and 5 blocks.

It was a close game down to the stretch, but the Northwood Panthers maintained the lead, closing it out with an overtime win, bringing Northwood their first boys state championship basketball title.

Aaron Wolfe, Head Coach, stated, "It was an incredible game to be a part of. And it just felt like heavyweight fighters were throwing punches at each other. And it was one shot after one shot. And obviously, we would have loved to have one going away or even in regulation. But that's where you gotta give them credit. They're a very good basketball team and continue to make plays down the stretch."

"I knew it was pretty big game state finals. You know, I knew how to come out and you know, try to try to shoot and check and try to make a shot, which I did. But, you know, no, it wasn't all me it was all my teammates getting me open. You know, I couldn't get those shots without anyone passing to me.", said Cade Brenner, a Northwood senior, in regard to the game.

It was a very special moment for the Northwood Panthers winning their first state championship, and important day for the Nappanee community as the hardwood is heading up State Road 31.

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