Notre Dame and USC to battle for the jeweled shillelagh

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -– The Notre Dame versus USC match-up is one of the biggest rivalries in college football! The two teams are meeting for the 83rd time.

Notre dame is well rested and coming off a “bye week,” but the Trojans are feeling confident after last week's win over California.

"They circle our name on their schedule every single year. So, I'm sure they're going to bring everything they've got and it's going to be a big game,” said USC Linebacker Chris Galippo. "Anytime USC plays Notre Dame, I think everyone who has anything to do with football around the country is going to be watching the game."

The coveted jeweled shillelagh is also at stake. Unveiled in 1952, the original trophy ran out of space in 1989. It's now permanently on display at Notre Dame.

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