Notre Dame celebrating athletic success with sale

Notre Dame, Ind. – Notre Dame athletics is celebrating having three top five teams with a ticket sale.

Top5, Save 5, For 5, is a flash sale starting on Friday December 1.

The sale will start at noon and last for five hours until 5 p.m.

Notre Dame Hockey and Women’s Basketball are ranked 3rd, and Men’s basketball is ranked 5th.

Here’s a list of games that you can get $5 dollars off of tickets:

  • #5 Men's Basketball:
    • Jan. 3 vs. NC State
    • Feb. 6 vs Boston College
  • #3 Women's Basketball:
    • Dec. 17vs. DePaul
    • Dec. 20 vs. Marquette
  • #3 Hockey:
    • Jan. 19 vs. Wisconsin
    • Feb. 9 vs. Ohio St
    • Feb. 10 vs. Ohio St  

To get the tickets click here. You can also call (574) 631-7356.

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