Notre Dame changes legendary fight song lyrics to be more inclusive

NOW: Notre Dame changes legendary fight song lyrics to be more inclusive

UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME, Ind., --- Notre Dame changed to its world-renowned fight song after more than a century. The university said the updated “Notre Dame Victory March” is now more inclusive adding the words “sons and daughters” to the lyrics to celebrate the 50th anniversary of women attending the university.

On Friday, Alum praised the move as they sang the new version of the “Notre Dame Victory March” song.

“I think it’s a nice gesture,” said Notre Dame Alum Erin Heimbinder.

"Now it’s official, so that’s good,” said Pat & Doris Corey who are Notre Dame Parents and also Alum.

“I think it was a long time coming,” said Jim Augustine the Owner of Augie’s Locker Room, Notre Dame Memorabilia Shop

Notre Dame memorabilia shop owner Jim Augustine was among those who praised the change to the century old tune that’s rang beyond campus athletic events since 1919.

“You go to any Irish bar in America and you’re going to see Notre Dame Memorabilia. You’re going to hear the victory March,” said Augustine.

“I think most Scottish people would like the change to be honest,” added Scotland Native Adam Gray, who attended the reunion with his wife.

Many people ABC57 spoke with believe the change to the number one ranked fight song in the nation was long overdue.

“It’s about time. Long time coming. Funny thing is I thought it changed 40 years ago,” added Pat & Doris Corey.

The official announcement from Father John Jenkins took place Thursday night at the university’s gala dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of women in education at Notre Dame.

The change got some pushback on social media, but most folks ABC57 talked to have already embraced it.

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