Notre Dame K9s specially trained in explosives detection

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Notre Dame Security Police added two K-9 teams to its force this week.

The two K9s, Toxi and Skeet, are trained in vapor wake detection. They can detect body worn explosives on a moving target.

In addition, the dogs are trained to work in high traffic areas.

Toxi and Skeet were trained in vapor wake detection in a program affiliated with Auburn University.

NDSP security officer Anthony Clark is Skeet’s handler, and police officer Jarett Gilpin is Toxi’s handler.

One dog will be on duty daily. When not working, they will reside with their handler.

“Toxi and Skeet are nonintrusive, gentle loving dogs,” NDSP Deputy Chief Stephan Smith said. “We are excited to introduce them to campus and the local community so that people are not concerned that there is an imminent threat. We view them as another component to our typical safety and security practices.”

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