Notre Dame looks to end regular season with 10-2 record

This weekend, the 15th ranked Notre Dame football team will try to finish the season on a high note against Stanford. The team hasn't beat Stanford on the road since 2007.

If the Irish win Saturday it will be the third straight season with at least 10 wins or more.

It would be quite the accomplishment under Coach Brian Kelly's leadership.

“I’d say that’s a pretty high bar to win 10 out of 12 games each year given the type of schedule that we play. If you had that stock you’d be pretty happy," Coach Kelly said.

The Irish have turned around their season following a loss to Georgia and a blowout loss to Michigan with a strong finish.

Coach Kelly spoke to his players about how to handle failure.

“Sometimes as players this perfection is what we are after. It’s not. We are after excellence. We keep it real as it relates to in life, you strive for perfection never really getting there. And there’s always going to be failures. It’s how you deal with them. It’s real talk. It’s how we handle those things and grow from them," Coach Kelly said.

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