Notre Dame not so great? Who said, better yet, who agrees?

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame was ranked 5th on the Princeton Review’s list of ‘Not So Great College Towns’. People in South Bend seem to be divided on whether or not they agree.

"I'm not really that surprised. There's not too much to do in South Bend besides the bar scene,” said Notre Dame Senior Maya Thode.

She said the addition of Eddy Street has increased the appeal of leaving campus, but then again, it’s just a few steps across the street from home.
“I think it’s helped bring Notre Dame out of its bubble, but it's a little too close to campus to be considered South Bend,” said Thode.
But of course others would disagree with the ranking.
"Knowing the great deal of effort that the city, university, and private community have done to develop an Eddy Street Commons, which is a really vibrant part of campus life, that was not here several years ago,” said Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County President Jeff Rea.
Rea said he questions the criteria used to judge the area, but feels that South Bend and Mishawaka offer a lot of opportunities for students.
“I think students have a great opportunity to plug into the local community. We’re not such a big city or big town that they don’t have access to those different opportunities,” said Rea.
Even some students feel that the surrounding area is underrated.
“Any restaurant or store that you want to go to its incredibly accessible, they have literally everything,” said Notre Dame Sophomore Brendan Coyne.
Students said they feel since there are so many activities happening on campus, that they’re not forced to venture out.
"I'd say Notre Dame is defiantly one of those bubble schools. I feel like a lot of the activities take place on campus,” said Coyne.
Whether you disagree or not with the Princeton Review’s ranking, there’s no question that the university gives back to the surrounding area.
"It’s the largest employer and number two tourist attraction in the state of Indiana brings a lot of visitors to the area,” said Rea.
The Chamber of Commerece hopes that labels like this don’t ever discourage people from coming to the area.

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