Notre Dame players get world class victory dinners

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- The food served to the Notre Dame football team is so good, players post on social media to share it with the Irish faithful. After a win, the victory meal is world class and it takes a team to keep the Irish fit and full.

It takes a lot of food to feed the Fighting Irish - 35 pounds of filet mignon, 30 pounds of fried chicken and 50 pounds of brisket mac and cheese.

Executive Sous Chef Matt Seitz and his crew with campus dining work with the team's nutritionist to come up with each victory meal.

"They always want surf and turf, so filet and lobster. Two weeks ago we did ribeye and crab legs," Seitz said.

After the win over New Mexico, the Notre Dame players got a special treat at their request to get them ready for the trip down south.

Preparation begins about 2 days in advance.

But come Sunday, it is a race against the clock.

But they always take the time to get every bite just right, no matter how much time that takes.

"I'm going to say one of my favorite things is probably when they eat it and they just fall in love with it. It's honestly so satisfying," Seitz said. "The smile that it puts on people's faces and just how much they're enjoying it. That's the gratification every chef gets."

Win or lose the Irish will eat well.

As if they need any more motivation to earn their biggest win in two decades, the Georgia victory meal would feature king crab legs, tomahawk steaks, ice cream cookie sandwiches and a build your own sundae to go along with stuffed chicken breasts, baked potatoes, shrimp, meatballs and more.

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