Notre Dame players trained to handle game day pressure


On Sunday, Notre Dame's season opener against the Longhorns will be before a sellout crowd of over 100,000 people. Head Coach Brian Kelly says preparing for a game of this magnitude starts during the recruiting process.

Coach Kelly says it is important to bring in the type of players he thinks can handle that type of environment and the pressure he puts on them during practice.

"I wouldn't consider our practices to be easy on kids in a sense that we're keeping pressure on them mentally to be sharp and they can't be thin skinned. So, a lot of those things help you deal with an environment that is raucous and loud," Coach Kelly said.

"When the lights come on, the true players come out and the true talent comes out and the coaches can't stand behind you all day. We've got to grow up a little bit and I'm excited to see how we unfold when the lights come on at Texas," said quarterback Malik Zaire.

The team leaves for Austin Friday evening and will have practice and a walk-through of the stadium Saturday morning.

Sunday's game is sold out as are all of the Notre Dame home games.

But that doesn't mean you can't get a ticket. The university says to check with the ticket office because a limited number may be released for each game.

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