Notre Dame student selling t-shirt reflecting bad football start

It hasn’t been easy for Notre Dame football fans.

The team has already equaled last year’s loss total and it’s still September.

One Notre Dame student, though, is helping fans find a way to cope with their team’s bleak reality.

Notre Dame Junior Connor Devine and his friends often use the phrase, “its fine I’m fine.”

It’s their way of battling through difficult situations.

“I’m all for notre dame football and I really hope we can get back on track,” said Devine.

Devine can’t do much to help the Irish get back on track this Saturday versus Syracuse but what he can do is help fans cope with the team’s struggles.

 “We just kind of adapted that as our way to not cry and then we were like oh, well what if other people want the shirt,” said Devine.

This month, the International Economics and Political Science major has been handling hundreds of orders for a shirt he created out of despair.

The words, “its fine im fine,” are front and center.

 “We just found basically the ugliest font we could and put it onto a plain white t-shirt, felt it was pretty appropriate,” said Devine.

While bookstores like the one on Eddy Street sell high priced Notre Dame memoribilia to get fans into spirit, Devine is selling a 10 dollar shirt, intended to help students get through a difficult start to the season.

“A kid posted on the facebook group could you reopen the order I just really relate to it and so then we re-opened the order,” said Devine.

When Notre Dame plays their next home game on October 15th, Devine hopes that common feeling will be displayed all throughout the stadium.

“If we could get a huge contingent of student section to wear that shirt it would be awesome it would definitely stop me from crying myself to sleep so thatd be good,” said Devine.

Devine says he was expecting 30 to 40 people to order his shirt but he says on the first day the shirts went on sale, there were over 120 orders.

Now that number is up to over 300.

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